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The 4th JoakimInterFest

JOAKIMINTERFEST The International Small Stage Theatre Festival, 2009
Knjaževsko-srpski teatar

The 4th JoakimInterFest, the international small stage theatre festival, gathered theatre ensembles from the USA, England, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia.
The Festival Directory endeavored to maintain the conception that imposed itself in past years, and that is to introduce some essential theatric values gathered around innovative and research topics. This year’s festival was named a Dream of Proteus.

Although aware of syncretic nature of theatrical being, this time the focus was on artistic creation of theatre directors, Proteus natured souls who change its appearances with every new show asking multitudinous and delicate questions. Time and time again those inexhaustible stage poets with deep believes daydream their tales of better and more human world.

Reach and wide range of director’s poetics, diverse sensibilities and cultural heritage brought together around fundamental subject of great concern upon the fate of individual human being in the 21st century society ever so dramatized as well as globalized.
The Jury members are: Dragana Boskovic, theatrologist from Belgrade, Serbia, Anastas Popdmitrov, actor and manager of the Puppet Theatre from Vraca, Bulgaria, Slobodan Savic, theatre critic and play writer from Belgarde, Serbia.

The Awarded were:
The Theater Collective, Manchester-London, England, for the best performance,
The Theater Corea from Lecce, Italy for the best setting,
Both Serious Play! Theatre Ensemble, Northampton, SAD and Mali Dramski Theater from Bitolj, Macedonia, with the special prize,
Moreen Brayan for the best act,
Knjazevsko-srpski Theater from Kragujevac, Serbia, for collective act,
Narodno pozoriste from Uzice, Serbia, for visual effects,
Knjazevsko-srpski Theater from Kragujevac, and Theatre Collective from Manchester-London, with the audience award.
City of Kragujevac

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